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I provide expert real estate services as your North Bay real estate insider. Let me guide you through buying or selling your home. Cal BRE#: 01974239

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Buying a Home

Initial Meeting
Choosing a home to purchase is a highly personal experience. A truly effective Realtor is one who not only knows the market, but, more importantly, knows her clients. This is true whether you are purchasing your first house or your fifth. I describe one of my greatest qualities as empathetic intuition. I listen like few can. And I hear what clients mean in addition to what they say. It is this unique skill, coupled with my knowledge of the market inventory, that make buying clients so glad they chose me as their Realtor. If you are ready to find the home of your dreams, I am eager to help you find it.

Set Up Search Criteria, Online Search and Viewing Properties
After we meet, I will establish listing alerts which provide frequent inventory updates tailored to your criteria. When you see a property that interests you, I will check the showing instructions, and arrange a time for you to view it. Some clients prefer me to preview the property and advise whether it is worth their time to view it. Whatever method you choose, together, we will find your dream home.

Making an Offer
Once we find your dream home we then begin negotiations with the seller. This is when my 30-year legal career works to your advantage. As they say, “The truth is in the details.” My preferred approach is to begin with a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the fair market value of the property. I will then use my people skills with the listing agent and find out, to the extent possible, the environment in which our offer will be received. The market is a living, breathing animal which sheds its skin at infrequent intervals. The environment in which an offer exists will determine the factors we will rely upon to ensure our offer is competitive.

Contingency Period to Closing
A contingency is a provision in a real estate contract that specifies the contract would cease to exist upon the occurrence of a certain event. This is so important. At the time of the offer, we only know what we see and what the seller has disclosed. The contingency period is our time to confirm that the home you are buying is a dream come true, and not a recurring nightmare. Timing is everything, and there are no second chances. Just about any pertinent subject, term, or condition can be included in a contingency. Generally, contingencies include purchase money loans at a stated interest rate and term, property inspections (general, pest, roof, plumbing, etc.), and an appraisal. The results of inspections during the contingency period can be used to further negotiate seller concessions. During this time, we will prepare our own disclosures and we will be in contact often. To me, this is the most exciting time of the entire process and it culminates in the greatest moment of all – the moment I deliver the keys of your new home to you!

After Closing
Even after closing, I am available to you. I can answer questions or provide referrals to vendors. I typically stay in touch with my clients for years after closing and I am always happy to help you in any way that I can.

Selling A Home

Thinking about Selling? In preparing a property for listing, I look at it with a critical eye. My goal is to provide you with a successful market plan, which includes listing price, method of receiving and reviewing offers, and whether small improvements or repairs will return more to you than the cost and effort in making them. You will make the final decision in all matters, but you will be armed with all of the information and insight a true professional can provide. Your home holds enormous value. Call or email me when you are ready to unlock that value and convert it to cash. I would love the opportunity to earn your business. How much is your home worth? Ask me for a market analysis for your property. I will provide a report for your home and current market conditions. I look at three sets of data designed to provide a solid basis for analysis: homes in the market that have recently sold, homes that are currently under contract (in escrow) and homes that are currently listed for sale (active properties). Additionally, I take into account where you are in the selling season, as well as whether the market is tending towards a heating or cooling trend. By taking into account more than just comparative market analysis data, I can price your property competitively, help you get the most for your property and set reasonable expectations prior to listing. Preparing your home for sale Our homes are meant for living, not for showing, but research makes clear that buyers seek out retail experiences. Homes that are staged provide that retail experience and buyers respond by bidding up the price or seeking fewer concessions, or both. We will work together to prepare your property for sale. That preparation may include a discussion about professional staging. The final decisions is yours, but, as in all matters, you will benefit from my experience, insight and contacts in the industry. Effective marketing The real estate sales process, like the rest of society, has felt the changing effect of new communications technology. Today, most buyers receive that all-important first impression of a home, not from the neighborhood, the landscaping and its fragrances, commuting convenience, or the home’s proximity to services. Instead, buyers filter their viewing and visiting decisions through static photos on their cell phones, tablets, or computer monitors. The single most important decision a seller can make is to hire a Realtor that understands today’s buyer and buying conditions. I work with a professional photographer, ensuring your property is presented in its best light. I create a single-property website for each of my listings and target each marketing venue to drive buyers to the site with high definition photos. I track website metrics so that I can gauge interest and make adjustments to online marketing efforts when appropriate. I host home openings so that potential buyers can see more than just a picture. I talk up the property to other realtors in the market who may be representing buyers looking for that perfect home. In addition, I utilize non-traditional market avenues, all designed to make sure your home sells fast and for the right amount.

Why You Should Choose Me As Your Realtor

When choosing a Realtor, consider that you will work directly with me from start to finish. I became a Real Estate Broker after working many years as a paralegal for some of the top firms in Los Angeles and Santa Rosa. My experience in the high pressure world of litigation and transactions makes me a strong and effective real property advocate, but it’s my warmth and sincerity that have led many clients to choose me as their Realtor within moments of meeting me. There is no substitute for skill and insight in the business of real estate. I offer a marketing plan that puts a seller’s home directly in front of buyers who are willing, able and ready to buy. I have a proven track record of great client relationships and satisfaction. Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions one can make. I honor the buying process by imagining I am purchasing the home for my own family. I possess unmatched patience and the willingness to speak up if I feel a client should keep looking rather than settle for a home that isn’t quite right. My goal is to give you a real estate experience that is one of the very best in the industry.

Let’s Chat

About Me

I moved to Santa Rosa over 25 years ago because I recognized it was a wonderful place to raise a family. Three sons and three step-children later, my roots in Sonoma County run deep. I was involved with Rotary and Go Red for Women, which encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease with the American Heart and Stroke Association. I also served as a Board Member and Age Group Coordinator for Santa Rosa South Youth Soccer Club and have coached youth soccer. I trained for and participated in several half-marathons and various other organized runs with a local running group. I also help my husband run a local business. These experiences give me a strong tie to our community and a deep familiarity of its varying neighborhoods. My clients benefit from my rich local knowledge in helping them find just the right home or buyer for their home.


Real Estate Broker – President, Bay Laurel Properties, Inc. – First Time Buyer Specialist (FTBS) Certification – National Association of Realtors (NAR) – North Bay Association of Realtors (NORBAR) – California Association of Realtors (CAR) – Bay Area Real Estate Information Services (BAREIS/MLS) – Sonoma County Bar Association, Paralegal Section

Influential Marketing

When you list your home with me as your agent and broker, you not only get my personalized service, you also get the backing of influential marketing channels. From traditional real estate marketing exposure to online marketing campaigns designed to reach your target homebuyer audience, I will find the right buyer for your home.

Networking Powerhouse

New homes are listed daily. It’s my job to stay ahead of the market at all times. I work with a network of other local agents to get the inside scoop on upcoming listings. This ensures I know what’s hitting the market and when. My job is to find you a home – and to get there first.

Free Home Evaluations

Discover what your home is truly worth. I will provide a complimentary comparative analysis on your home that will support you in making informed decisions in order to sell your home.



C. Haas, Client

Mary Miller helped my fiance and I buy a house this past spring. I had met Mary six months previously at an Open House. Personal circumstances dictated that we find a house quickly and without much planning in March. My fiance and I met Mary and were immediately impressed by her ability to ask detailed questions about the type of home we wanted and where we wanted to live. She was incredibly thorough and listened to us thoughtfully. She was happy to see houses and report back to us so that we didn’t waste our time, and she didn’t mind checking out listings we found on our own that might have been outside our original parameters. We found a home within two weeks of working with Mary. Mary’s legal background and real estate experience served us well with our offer negotiations and closing. We closed within 2 weeks from making our offer. I would definitely use Mary again for a purchase or sale and I will definitely recommend her to my friends who have real estate needs.

John & Karen Wong, Client

Mary helped us find our first new home. She kept us informed throughout the whole process. Constant communication was really key for us. There were so many things to get done, and quickly, that Mary kept us on the right track all the way through until we got the keys. We highly recommend Mary for your real estate needs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MARY!!!!!

Jeffrey Rhoades, Client (2nd Sale - 2020)

Mary Miller was my agent when I bought my first home in October 2017 during the wildfires. Despite the National Emergency, we closed escrow in under thirty days. Most recently, Mary helped me sell my home in June 2020 during a pandemic. Again, we closed escrow in under thirty days and I even received quite a bit over asking. The theme even in the face of wildfires and pandemics, Mary proved to be a creative and solutions-oriented problem solver and a real estate deal closer! Of the many characteristics I’d look for in an agent, Mary excels in communication, trustworthiness and follow-through. 

J. Tipton, Client (2020)

Mary Miller worked tirelessly to help me buy my home. As a first time home buyer, I had no idea about anything. Mary was so patient and knowledgable that she made the process so easy. Her never ending committment to getting me into the right home for me was evident in her daily check-ins and emails. Her constant positivity and professionalism got me throught he difficult times when I almost wanted to give up. Finally, we found the most perfect home for me and, with her guidance, for way under asking price. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Mary is the absolute best!

D. Christopher, Client

Mary is an amazing realtor. My house was a high quality house in an area not known for such high quality. Pricing was a challenge, even in a strong market. Mary did the research, found other houses that were fairly comparable to mine, providing objective justification for setting our listing price. She then staged the house, and hired a professional photographer allowing us to highlight its best features. If we had priced it too high people would not have taken the time to look. Within a week, we fielded many offers, most well over the asking price. Escrow has closed and I am very happy with Mary’s expertise, advice, and the level of communication she had with me. I highly recommend Mary to any one interested in selling a house in Sonoma County.

E. Flower, MD, Freestone, CA

Kellee and Mary took me through rivers and back country dirt roads and precipitous mountain roads to find my dream property. I am being literal! We drove a borrowed truck through a 2 foot deep stream of whitewater, drove over 8 miles of dirt roads, and another time we were on a narrow road on a very steep hillside that we were wondering if it would slide, taking her beautiful SUV for a sleigh ride. Our house search was one of the great adventures of my life. Never a dull moment. Kellee and Mary guided me through the complexities of financing, legalities and subtleties of the dance of property acquisition. I had no idea what an art real estate is, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of them. They also have to be babysitters and psychiatrists for me as I anxiously groped my way through this incredibly complex and stressful process. I am writing this sitting in the living room of my dream house! I won’t be looking for another house any time soon, but I will urge all of my friends in the market for a home to use no one else. I can’t thank Kellee and Mary enough for basically performing this miracle for me!

J. Rhoades, Client (1st Sale - 2017)

I met Mary Miller through our involvement in a community leadership program. I knew Mary to be trustworthy, honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and someone of integrity, but I could not have foreshadowed how exceptional of an agent she would turn out be. Even in the face of a natural disaster, Mary remained professional, steady, communicative, and even more focused on delivering the outcome I wanted. I would recommend anyone looking for a first home or new home to connect with Mary. You will not be disappointed by her service and diligence, but you may be surprised by her tenacity and ability to see a deal through to
completion in the most challenging circumstances.

R & C Evans, Clients (1st Sale - 2016)

We have been working with Mary for the last year trying to find the perfect home for our family, and she has been nothing but patient, knowledgeable and persistant the whole time. We’ve looked at and made offers all around the county from Santa Rosa to Guerneville. She was always quick to respond  to my never ending emails about listings, and always available when we wanted to go look at property (whether she thought it was a good fit for us or not)! When the perfect house finally came on the market, she was aggressive and got the offer accepted and the deal closed with everything we asked for during escrow! We love our new house and love Mary, she is like part of our family now!

Maria Hughes, Client

When we found the condo we were interested in on, Mary was the agent who was selling it. After speaking with her initially about touring the property, we realized that she was the person we most wanted to work with. We knew that we’d made an excellent decision after we met her in person. Mary is not only personable, knowledgeable, and helpful, but she also went the extra mile for us throughout the time we worked with her — even keeping us updated on all issues when Mary had major surgery. Since we live 3 hours from our new condo (which is a second home for us), she has been most gracious and thoughtful trying to assist us in whatever way she could to make this move easier for us. We can’t thank her enough for her hard work, dedication, assistance, and support! We would highly recommend Mary to any of our friends/family/acquaintances!!! Mary is the type of real estate agent everyone hopes for. We couldn’t have asked for someone more accommodating of our needs or more supportive and helpful!

S. Long, Client

Finding my home was a long process. I had an idea of what I wanted and for how much. Mary worked within my budget and took the time to show me what s little more in my budget would get me. Mary knew a lot about the area and guided me to a place that fit my needs. I strongly believe that I would not have found my new home without her. Mary was professional, proactive, and 100% committed to finding me the right home.

Debbie Smith, Client

Let me start by saying I am not an easy client. I’ve been looking for that perfect property for several years. I’ve had experiences with other real estate agents, but Mary will be my agent for as long as she will have me. She understood my needs and wants. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me get my dream property at a price I still find hard to believe. Mary is honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her without reservation.

Richard Oberg, Client

She’s hard working, personable, and a pleasure to work with.

A. Miller, Client

Mary was lovely to work with. It was such a seamless process and everything was on time. She was very attentive to detail and helped me every step of the way.

Kerry Mays, Client

Choosing Mary Miller as my realtor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only was she knowledgeable, professional, decisive, and a pure joy to work with…but the integrity and commitment she exhibited each and every day was truly amazing. Selling my home was a very important and difficult decision to make, and Mary made this entire process manageable — her unwavering positivity got me through to the finish line. I will forever be grateful to Mary Miller!!

T & S Catalano, Clients

I highly recommend Mary Miller. She knows the Sonoma County market like the back of her hand. She is super on top of things at all times and responsive to her clients. She is a great communicator which is crucial when you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life and want to be kept in the loop. Mary helped us sell our home and buy a new one using a VA loan which isn’t easy in today’s market. Make a smart move and hire Mary as your realtor.

Susannah Thorpe, Client

Mary was absolutely wonderful!! She was honest and ethical, and walked me through selling ( for the first time) my house in the most professional way. She was communicative and helped me understand the differences in what makes a strong offer, and helped me get the best value. She took into consideration my needs and desires and went above and beyond anything I hoped for or expected. I highly recommend Mary, if you are looking for someone who is honest and communicative and professional! Thanks so much Mary! We love you!

Kimberly Myers, Client

Mary Miller is truly OUTSTANDING. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to have a professional and positive experience when buying or selling a home! She went way beyond what was expected of an agent and always had our best interest at heart. We are so thankful for her support and guidance throughout the selling process. Mary, Thank you so very much!

Vicki White & Sharon White, Clients

When I/we decided to sell the house on Peterson Lane, my Financial Advisor recommended two agents. The first interview was with Mary Miller. We chose Mary right away and never interviewed the other agent. Mary is professional and personable. She arrived on time with a lot of helpful information. She kept on top of the market and how it would affect our sale and purchase of our new home. She was realistic about pricing and how we would get the best result. Mary always replied to our texts and calls. She always had our interest at heart. She made it possible for us to re-paint and re-carpet the Peterson house, which greatly enhanced the chances of attracting a buyer. She staged the house beautifully, and encouraged us in our efforts to fix up the house. Mary is great to work with. We are very pleased with the results; a good price for the Peterson house which enabled us to offer cash on our beautiful Mobile Home in Windsor. We couldn’t be happier.”

Chris & Rheannon Evans, Clients (2nd Sale - 2020)

Mary Miller, let me count the ways our family loves her. We have been working with Mary since 2016 when she helped us purchase our first home in Santa Rosa. We searched tirelessly until we finally found our perfect starter home. She made the process seamless, which is why naturally we would choose her as our Realtor for our next home. We were not in the market to buy a new home at Christmastime but as luck would have it, the perfect house in the best neighborhood popped up and we jumped on the opportunity! Two weeks before Christmas we put our starter home on the market and placed an offer on our new forever home, and we got it! She worked day and night getting our home ready for open houses, getting inspections lined up, negotiations for credits, the list goes on. We never felt like we were just another client but like we were her ONLY client. After two months of escrows we are in our new home and couldn’t be any happier. We will be happy here for years to come! Thank you, Mary!


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